MEPCO New Connection 2023 – Detailed Method And Cost

MEPCO New Connection 2022 detailed information is compiled here Multan region of customers knows better that MEPCO is the most incredible power organization in Punjab. Since it has numerous customers, it chiefly covers southern Punjab with numerous little towns. So this electric give organization gives electricity to each humble community. Before, individuals need to introduce … Read more

MEPCO Net Metering – How It Works?

In this article, we are going to share information about MEPCO Net Metering & how Net Metering works. Net metering is a program presents by a few service organizations. Where on the off chance that a client produces more power than they use they can get credit from the organization. How Net Metering work? Two-way … Read more

MEPCO Helpline – Customer Complaints Services

MEPCO is an electricity provider company that provides electricity to Multan and its circle consumer. In case of unscheduled load shedding, or any complaint MEPCO provides a helpline number to its consumer to submit a complaint relates to electricity. Here below you can get the MEPCO helpline number. MEPCO Helpline Here we provide 3 helpline … Read more

MEPCO Energy Saving Tips

The new innovation has worked on the effectiveness of the energy frameworks. As you see, in the past individuals utilize radiant light in their homes, offices, shops, and so on. Here we give you MEPCO Energy Saving Tips. Yet, presently they are utilizing CFL and Drove bulbs. These new innovation bulbs consume less power and … Read more

MEPCO Complaint Numbers – Customer Complaint System

If you are a MEPCO consumer and want to complain about any matter of electricity or in case of emergency you can contact us through MEPCO complaint numbers. On the off chance that you have any inquiry concerning load shedding or you need to object against unscheduled burden shedding or power cut-off, you could actually … Read more

MEPCO Circles With Their Divisions And Subdivisions

MEPCO is a company that provides electricity. In MEPCO Circles included cities are Sahiwal,Harappa, Mian Chano, Chichawatni,Khanewal, Khabwala, Multan, Bagawalpur, Bahawalnagar, D.G Khan, & Rahimyar Khan. All these cities are looked at by MEPCO Chief Officer Head. Chief Engineer work under the MEPCO Chief Head Officer. MEPCO Circles A circle has 4 to 5 divisions … Read more

MEPCO Bill Calculator – Check Estimate Units

MECPO Bill Calculator estimates your bill rates according to the Government rates. If you want to evaluate whether you have the correct bill sum or how much power you consumed the earlier month. You normally compute these assessments physically. Be that as it may, these computations are not exactly dependable and can become investment-consuming. MECPO … Read more

How to Download MEPCO E Bill?

In these days online services make our life so comfortable, even you can check your electricity bills through them. You need a reference no to check your bill. Are you worried about how to download MEPCO E bill? Here you can get detailed information about downloading the duplicated copy of your MEPCO bill. MEPCO Bill … Read more

Pesco Energy Saving Tips

Energy is the most important need in our life. We cannot live without electricity. But energy saving should be our first priority now. Because the use of energy is increasing day by day and we are not having many resources to produce this energy. In this article, we are going to discuss some Pesco Energy … Read more

Pesco Net Metering

Net metering turns out to be an exceptionally helpful instrument for private individuals who need to go green yet can’t pay for full PV frameworks. It gives them a significant incentive to use solar power. While they build up their funds, particularly if they don’t have a spot of land where they can set up … Read more