Check Fesco Bill Online – Download and Print Duplicate Copy

It is easy to locate the Fesco bill online. Just enter the reference number to look up your Fesco bill online. It’s easy to see duplicate bills. You can print, download and save the bill to your records. Therefore, you don’t have to be stressed. Enter your 14-digit number below to see your fesco invoice.


To ease the burden on the customer, here’s an example bill that shows the exact location of the reference numbers. Look at the light to find your 14-digit reference number.

Fesco Online Bill

About Company (FESCO)

FESCO is among the most reliable electricity distribution companies in Pakistan. Its operational performance is excellent because it has the lowest percentage of distribution losses and a very high rate of collection of bills. You can also check mepco bill here.

Faisalabad’s primary service area is also known as Manchester in Pakistan. Because of its numerous textile industries. It’s close to the following regions which Fesco electricized. Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, T.T Singh, and Chiniot districts.

How to check FESCO bill

There are many ways to check the fesco bill. But we mostly use online and offline.

Offline bill checking

If you do not have internet you can get the offline bill through the WAPDA office or the most famous place in your city where all bills of your street come from. You can go and check the bill with your name or reference number.

Steps for checking online FESCO bill

Following these steps, you can pay your bill online at home.

  1. First of go to Browser like chrome. 
  2. Search fesco bill online. 
  3. Many websites appear in front of you.
  4. Choose a website according to your desire.
  5. Scroll the website page. 
  6. Enter 14 digits of the reference code on the check bill box. 
  7. Click on the check bill.
  8. Your bill appears after a few seconds.
  9. You can also download it in pdf format after clicking on the download bill button.

Steps for checking fesco online duplicate bill

FESCO bill email service

We can also receive the fesco bill through personal email. For an email, subscription goes to the official website of fesco and enter your 14-digit reference number and personal email. When your bill comes you will get the bill notification email inbox. This is free for all electricity consumers.

Fesco bill payments online and offline

There are two ways to pay the FESCO bill online and offline. It’s up to you which one you choose for paying the bill.


Following these steps, we can pay our bill online using banks account, easy paisa, and jazz cash.

  1. Open your bank account, easy paisa, or jazz cash app
  2. Go to the bill payment section 
  3. Select the fesco bill
  4. Enter the 14-digit reference number 
  5. Click on the pay 
  6. Your bill will be paid 

If you do not have a bank account. You can also pay the bill at the post office.

Peak hour 

Fesco recommends trying to use less electricity in such hours as much as you can. It will prove helpful in your bill amount.

In summer from April to October 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

In winter from November to march 6 pm to 10 pm.

Taxes in FESCO bill

These are the taxes that we have to pay on every bill.

  • FPA(Fuels price adjustment)
  • TR surcharge(Tariff rationalization surcharge)
  • FC surcharge(financing cost)
  • Deferred Amount(You can pay this tax after a month or later)
  • QTR tariff adjustment(you have to pay this tax after 3 months)

Fesco Online Bill Area of Jurisdiction

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Khushab
  • Jhang
  • Bhakkar
  • T.T Singh
  • Chiniot districts

FESCO Map of Jurisdiction

Fesco Online Bill map of jurisdiction


What is FESCO bill?

Ans: Fesco(Faisalabad electricity supply company limited) is an electricity company in Pakistan that provides electricity in the area of Faisalabad.

Is FESCO government or a private company?

Ans: Fesco is a government electricity company.

Can we calculate FESCO bill online?

Ans: Yes you can calculate by using any fesco online calculator.

Can we get FESCO duplicate bill online?

 Ans: Yes you can get it by entering 14 digit reference number.

How to change the name on FESCO bill?

Ans: For name changes, you have to submit the application at the FESCO office.

Can we check the old statements of bills online?

Ans : This feature is still not available online. You can check the old statement in the FESCO office.

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