PESCO Complaint Numbers

PESCO is a public sector organization that provides electricity to the whole nation. It is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week which makes it easy for everyone to get the electricity whenever they need it. However, the consumers have to pay the charges in a very proper manner and can also register their complaints on the website or through phone calls.

To be more specific, PESCO has different departments like billing, customer care, quality control, and many more through which you can easily register your complaints. You can even contact them by sending an email to [email protected]. The people of Pakistan are very cooperative when it comes to paying the bills and are always keen to pay them at their due time.

The reason behind this is that most people do not want to get disconnected from electricity so they prefer to pay in advance or on time. But still, there are some people who do not pay their bills or do not bother about it at all which leads to problems like low voltage and load shedding.

The utility companies have been trying very hard to recover their dues from these people but still, there are some people who do not listen to them and cause problems for other users as well. So PESCO has started a PESCO New Service Complain Number are:-1-668-723-6935, 1-668-723-6936. PESCO is a national electric power company that is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

As per Nepal Electricity Act, 2028 has been established as an independent service provider of electricity in Nepal to contribute to the goal of providing electricity for all by 2030. PESCO has been operating in Nepal since 2029 BS (1997 AD). The number of consumers connected to the PESCO network is more than 100 lakhs and is growing day by day.

With the PESCO or the Public Sector Electricity Company, you can register your complaint through a phone call or by sending the e-mail to the following address. Instead of simple consumer complaints but all so complaints against theft of electricity. As a nation, it is our duty to inform the higher authority about theft.

Theft Reporting

For any sort of complaints, please feel free to contact the following numbers:

0300-11000 for electricity theft or power outage complaint
0300-11003 for a simple consumer complaint
0300-11227 for any kind of complaints.

The Pakistan Electric Power Company (PESCO) is Pakistan’s national electric utility, and it’s a company that should be familiar to all of us. From bills to repair requests, PESCO is there for us when we need them—and now they’re making it easier to report power theft.

The PESCO complaint numbers are:
042-111-111- For all the complaints related to electricity bills and power theft.
042-111-122 – For any kind of complaints regarding electricity supply.

If you have a complaint about the power situation in Pakistan, you can now register your complaints by calling on a toll-free number. All the general public are requested to call on 0800-42-42-42 or email their complaint at [email protected].

PESCO is the power sector company of Pakistan. You can register your complaint on the following numbers.

SMS: 7619
CALL: 1515
Mail: [email protected]

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