Check SEPCO Bill Online – Download and Print Duplicate Copy

Just enter your reference number below and you will get your Sepco Online Bill. You can also download or print this bill.

Check Bill Now is a straightforward and comprehensive website that can view your online bill within a minute. It’s completely free and available to customers who are SPECP Electric Supply Company members. Are you looking for an online SEPCO bill? You don’t have to worry, as this site will solve all the Sukkur Online billing system issues. Take a look at the information carefully Sepco invoice duplicate, Sepco bill online. Here, you can download the duplicate bill to print the Sepco electronic bill. Please enter the reference number in the box and then check the bill.

Information About SEPCO bill online

SEPCO stands for (Sukkar power electric company) which is located in Sukkur.  It is the formatted branch of HESCO so that is why HESCO supervision areas are divided into two parts. The establishment date of SEPCO is 26 July 2010.

So if you are living in Sukkar, Daddu, and Larkna. This website page is designed for you just enter the reference number of your bill and see the bill amount and due date.

How To Find The Reference Number

To determine the details of your online SEPCO bill online, you be aware of the reference number of your bill.

How To Find The Reference Number


How to check your SEPCO online bill for 2023

To check your online SEPCO bill, you need to input your reference number into the provided box and then click check your account.

Following these steps, you check your bill easily.

  • Go to google and search SEPCO checkbillnow.
  • Many websites appear in front of you.
  • Click on the first website.
  • After a few seconds, the bill will appear. 
  • You can check the bill amount, and due date and also download it in PDF format.
  • Input your 14-digit reference number into the box with no space between them.

Areas under SEPCO bill

The following areas are under the supervision of SEPCO.

Areas under sepco bill



You can not only download, or print your duplicate bill. You can also calculate your bill. Just follow the link below, and then enter the desired units. Check the result.

What is SEPCO Customer Services?

The service provided by SEPCO assists customers in finding, using, changing, or troubleshooting a particular solution or product. These are also processes that assist teams in establishing high-quality customer service. The purpose of customer support is to create lasting relationships with customers.

SEPCO has come up with new ways to meet customers’ demands. SEPCO has launched the online Complaint option, Net Metering, New Connection online duplicate Bill, Energy Saving Tips, Electricity Bill Online, and Theft Reporting. SEPCO’s primary goal is to provide every essential service to its customers.


You have to all taxes that are included in the HESCO bill. Because SEPCO is a formatted branch of HESCO.


Can I change my name on the SEPCO bill?

Ans: Yes, go to the near WAPDA office and submit an application for the name change. They will change your name after verification.

Can I check my SEPCO number through CNIC?

Ans: No, you can check your SEPCO bill only with a reference number.

What is the office timing of SEPCO?

Ans: The office timing of off is 9 am to 5 pm.

How to apply for a correction bill?

Ans: For a correction bill you have to submit a correction bill application or call a helpline for complaints.