How do I download Pesco E Bill?

PESCO stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company which are placed in Peshawar provides services of power distribution to over 3.8 million customers of all civil districts of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan. is a free website where you can check your Pesco bill or get duplicate bill.

Here you can see the recent bill amount, due date of the bill and also view full bill. You can also print Pesco duplicate bill or download duplicate copy of bill. You can check whether your bill is paid or not by clicking the status for last month bills. Then you go to the bill payment history where you can identify the record of last 12 months and look the paid amount.

If you don’t receive your bill by hand or bill payment shops, is an online platform to pay the bill. For this purpose, you just need to 14-digit reference number.

What is the PESCO bill reference number?

It is 14-digit number wrote in a box located at the right bottom side of the bill. This 14-digit is necessary to check the bill.
e.g: 02 45667 3856974
The first two numbers represent batch number.
The next five numbers represent sub-division.
The last 7 digits belong to customers. These are the permanent numbers which are assign to customers.

How do I download Pesco E Bill?

If you have lost your bill or not received the bill from company, I will tell you the whole process of how to get your bill online. This is a friendly website where you can quickly download the bill. Here are the following steps to download the duplicate copy of the bill:

• First of all, you will find out your previous bill.
• Find out the reference number on that bill.
• Visit website.
• Then you will have to enter 14-digit reference number.
• Submit the reference number.
• Now you see the latest bill amount and also due date.
• Click on ‘View full bill’ to see the whole bill.
• Then you can download the copy of the duplicate bill.
Checkbillnow is friendly website that permit you to view your bill on any platform either desktop or mobile.


1: How can I download Pesco online bill?

Visit Enter 14-digit reference number to check the online bill. Then open full bill and download the duplicate copy of the bill.

2: Can I check Pesco bill by Name or CNIC?

No, you can’t check Pesco bill online by Name or CNIC. You just need to enter 14-digit reference number.

3: Can I check old bills online?

No, this feature is currently unavailable online. But you can visit the Pesco headquarter to see old bills record.

4: Can I get Pesco duplicate bill?

Yes, you can get the duplicate bill online by entering reference number.

5: How do I find my reference number?

It will be a 14-digit reference number written in a box placed on the right bottom side of the duplicate bill.

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