PESCO New Connection 2020(Detailed Method & Cost)

PESCO is a power provider throughout Peshawar, Pakistan. To register and receive the new electricity connection, the Procedure is easy. You can obtain your PESCO new connection procedure in two ways.

PESCO stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Corporation (PESCO), which provides 3.8 million customers across all districts in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan. PESCO manages and operates the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa electricity distribution system.

It gives this region by distributing the 132 (66KV ) sub-transmission lines and substations. This includes 11KV and low-tension lines of 440V and distribution transformers that supply electric power to your house or workplace.

Pesco New Connection Procedure

Here are the steps of the application process in a step-by-step format to make it easier. This means you can apply online to get an upgrade to PESCO.

  • Visit the official website and fill the application form by clicking on apply new connection.
  • Here you are redirected to their site giving an form. All you have to do is provide some basic information with certain documents.
  • First of all you have to choose connection type, distribution company and sub division.
  • Fill out the Applicant’s particular in which you can grant Applicant’s Status, Applicant Name, S/O, CNIC, present address and Mobile Number.
  • Then add contact person’s basic information like contact person’s name, email, address and phone number etc.
  • Single out the premise details (no. of meter already installed, premise address, minimum load).
  • After that sort out neighbour information (name, address reference number).
  • Upload the following documents
  • Attested CNIC Copy of Applicant
  • Attested CNIC Copy of Witness
  • Property Document Copy
  • Neighbour Electricity Bill Copy
  • Agree to terms and conditions and submit.

New Connection Offline Process

As compared to online process, offline method is a little bit confusing and also long span time. In online procedure, all you have to do is fill a form and upload few documents and submit. That is enough.

But as concern in offline, you have to fill the form and also visit office several times. Here we can tell you only steps for procedure but not in detail. These major points are

  • Apply to Supply
  • Supply Point Supply
  • Inspect and Test of Consumers’ Installation
  • Approval of Installation for Consumers
  • Extension of the Consumer Installation

Why to opt Pesco New Connection Online

If you’re looking to set up PESCO New Connection in your shop, home at work, or another location, you can fill out your application online, too. This article will tell you how to make an application for PESCO New Connection even while at home

Most people don’t realize that applications for PESCO new connections are also accepted online. They continue to go for the PESCO service locations. After a lot of effort, they may be able to secure an internet connection.

Still, the best option is to obtain a PESCO connection by simply applying for your home. You don’t have to go to the office to get an additional reference. So, why would you visit offices just for an internet connection?

To set up a new connection, users can request a PESCO new connection form at an office in the local PESCO office or apply for a PESCO online connection.

You can check Pesco bill online from this website.

Pesco New Connection Fee

In 2020, for 40 M length of the service, the total cost of new connection is 5220. We can justify it as follows

Security deposit= 610 for each Kilowatt within Rural Areas.

Capital Cost = 4000 (Fixed) for Service lengths of up to 40 meters;

As an example: For 2 KW load and 40-meter length of service in a RURAL AREA;

The total cost will be 5220—single-phase connection.

Pesco Demand Notice Tracking

If you make an application for new connections by following the above procedure, you will receive an ID for tracking. You can monitor your new connection by using the tracking ID you receive, and this is why you should save the tracking ID.

If you wish to track your application, you can visit the website of, which is The complete information about Pakistan Wapda companies is available on this site, and you can access the information anytime at no cost.

Pesco Tariff

PESCO Tariffs represent the amount that PESCO charges you to use electricity. The federal government determines the price. And it is the amount to pay for the electricity for a specific amount or PESCO unit price.