Qesco Online Bill duplicate and download 2023

Just enter your reference number below and you will get your Qesco Online Bill. You can also download or print this bill.

Quetta Electrical Supply Company (QESCO) was formed on May 13th, 1998. It was an unincorporated public limited company by the Companies Act 1984. QESCO was operational from July 1st, 1998. In the wake of the conversion of the company and the commercialization of WAPDA, the previous Energy District Board was reorganized into a company, and QESCO assumed the administration of WAPDA’s finances and assets. The disco, however, is now under the administration of the Ministry of Water and Power of the Government of Pakistan.

To view the QESCO online bill, you will need the reference number on your bill. The reference number is located in the upper right-hand corner of your bill, as seen in the image below. Enter the reference number into the link below to view your bill in duplicate. It is possible to save it as a pdf or print it on the internet.

checkbillnow.com is the no-cost website to locate the QESCO bill online with only one click. There isn’t any additional step to take. Follow the instructions and print your copy of your QESCO bill. The reference number is 14 digits.

The first two digits represent your Batch number. You can see the second four digits display your subdivision, while the last 7digits represent the account number provided by QESCO. If you decide to review the balance of your QESCO bill online, you can use your 14-digit reference number to verify your bill.


QESCO stands for Quatta electricity supply company. QESCO provides electricity to all districts of Balochistan except one. Balochistan is a big province of Pakistan according to the area. It means QESCO operates in a large of Pakistan. This company was established in 1998 when WAPDA regulation was modified. Now this company provides more than 20 million electricity services.

How to check QESCO bill online and download the 2023

Checking bill online is a peace of cake. Following these steps, you can easily check.

  • Go to google and search QESCO online bill.
  • Open the first website.
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number and click on the check bill button.
  • You can view your bill now.
  • If want to download it.
  • Click on the print or download.
  • You’re downloaded automatically.

QESCO online bill check and download


Below are taxes included in QESCO bill.

  • FPA
  • FC surcharge
  • QTR tariff
  • T.R surcharge 

Bill payment 

After checking the bill you have to pay the bill. You can pay online or offline bills. If you are living near the post office then pay your bill there. Otherwise, we recommended you pay the online bill on time. You can pay bill online through a bank account, jazz cash, and easy paisa.

Peak hours

The peak hours of Quetta’s electricity supply are the same as others.

In the summer from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

In the winter from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Wapda recommends trying to use less electricity in such hours as much as you can.

Areas covered by QESCO

Areas covered by QESCO


How to reduce the amount of the QESCO bill?

Ans: Try to use less electricity in peak hours. Your bill amount will automatically decrease.

Is it possible to correct the bill amount?

Ans: For bill correction, you have to visit near WAPDA office and submit a bill correction application there.

Are there any extra charges for paying the online bill?

Ans: There are no extra charges for paying an online bill.