Pesco Helpline

Pesco Helpline (Customer service) involves aiding and assisting customers in discovering the use, use, modification, and troubleshooting problems with an item or service. These are methods that assist teams in creating excellent customer service.

The aim of customer support is to establish long-term relationships with clients. PESCO has presented new strategies to meet customers’ demands.

PESCO has launched available online Complaint service, Net Metering, New Connection online duplicate Bill, Energy Saving Tips, Electricity Bill Online, Theft Reporting. PESCO’s primary goal is to provide every essential service for its customers.

Pesco New Connection (detailed method) is also described on this website. Contact a PESCO representative directly in the case of an emergency or submit your complaint. Here’s the PESCO UAN as well as an email address:

UAN (Helpline)111-000-128
Suggestion[email protected]
Billing Complaints[email protected]
Theft Reporting [email protected]
Other Complaints[email protected]

Customer Services of Pesco Helpline

PESCO customer service solves customers’ issues quickly and efficiently. There are a variety of services like

  • Commercial problems are often the cause of business issues.
  • Monitor and manage the recovery systems
  • Set up, prepare, and control precise line loss statements
  • Find a solution to the customer’s issues
  • Processing and monitoring policies and rules for customer services
  • Management of contracts and sanctioning for neon signs as well as cable TV channels.
  • The sanctioning of different processes should be discussed with employees and customers.
  • Monitoring and managing for Tariff associated systems as well as other issues.
  • Identification of defaulters and loss of power.
  • Implementing effective solutions to the protection against defaulters and thefts.
  • Coordinating meetings and coordination together with MIS( director) to schedule for the advanced bill program
  • Making major changes to the provision of electricity.

Customer Complaint Management System

There is no alternative method to complain about your electricity bill, regarding theft, abuse of permitted tariff. Directly contacting the Ministry of Power the GOVT of Pakistan has introduced the Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS).

With this system, you can complain and keep track of your complaints. The satisfaction of customers is crucial for us. We’d love to know from you regarding the positive experience we had. If we’ve not delivered on your expectations of service and we want to hear from you.

Our staff members strive to take concerns seriously and solve the issues as soon as they can. You can file a written or oral complaint. We suggest that you submit your complaints in writing since the accuracy of your reporting is crucial for us to resolve your issue quickly. It is also possible to attach pertinent documents to your complaint.

Channels for Complaints

Call our Contact Centre at 118 or SMS at 8118.

Email: [email protected]

Further Escalation

If you believe that your issue wasn’t resolved in a satisfactory fashion You can write in writing to the following address: Head, Quality & Assurance

For online complaints, you can visit ccms.

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