MEPCO Online Bill – Check and Download Mepco Bill

It is easy to check your Mepco online bill. This complete website lets you look up downloads and print copies of electricity bills. To receive a Mepco online bill, you just need to enter your 14-digit reference code below your name in the upper-right corner of your bill from Mepco.

You can look up your bill online and estimate your bill by using MEPCO’s web-based Bill calculator. When downloading, look over your Mepco online bill and then print it. Make sure to enter your reference number in the box above.

Mepco bill online and duplicate full information 2023

By using you can get or see all information about your Mepco electricity bill like meter reading date, the due date of the bill when you can pay a bill without a fine, and fine after bill with a fine after due date. You can also check the status of whether all your bills are paid or not. For this, you have to click on the full bill where you can see the history of the previous 12 months’ bills, and here you can see the amount you have to pay. If you still have any kind of query contact us through our email or contact us page.`

Where To Find The Reference Number on MEPCO Bill?

Don’t worry over worrying about the MEPCO reference number. Just check out the example MEPCO bill to find the reference number.


You can check the details of your MEPCO bill at check bill now . Here’s a method to see your MEPCO invoice, download it, and print it. MEPCO bill site online assists users in all aspects. It’s a completely free site that allows you to find out more regarding the details of your MEPCO electronic bill and the tax rates included in the bill and other tax information.

Instead of viewing your MEPCO online bill, you can also estimate your MEPCO bill using the online bill calculator on this website.

Checking  bill with reference number or without the reference number

Many people don’t receive their bill on time in such a situation they have to pay a fine after paying the due date. Now you can your bill at checkbillnow website and get rid of this problem. Now you can duplicate your bill and pay it online. The process of checking bills is simple and easy to use. Following these steps now check your bill online.

  1. Go to the google search box and write mepco online bill
  2. Many websites appear in your display 
  3. Choose any website and enter 14 digit reference number 
  4. After that click on check bill
  5. Your bill will appear and you can also download it.

If you do not have the reference number of the bill you can also check your bill using the consumer ID.

About MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company)

MEPCO Multan Electric Power Company is the biggest distribution company of PEPCO. It powers 13 districts to the south in Punjab.

MEPCO Circles

Below are the nine circles that makeup MEPCO.

  • Multan
  • Khanewal
  • Sahiwal
  • Vehari
  • Bhawalnagar
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • D.G Khan
  • Muzaffargarh

MEPCO Jurisdiction Map


Pay Mepco online bills through easy paisa, jazz cash, or bank accounts

After checking the bill you don’t need to go to any shop, bank, and post office for paying the bill. If you have a bank, easy, and jazz cash app on your phone. You can pay your electricity bill online. Suppose you want to pay through easy paisa.

Following these steps, you can easily pay.

1- Open your easy paisa app.

2- Click on bill payments. 

3-Select electricity in the bill type.

4-Select Mepco in the company.

5- Enter 14 digit reference number and click on next.

6- Click on pay now. 

7-your bill is paid now.

8- After that, it shows you the receipt and you can it in the gallery.

pay mepco bills online


Mepco peak hour in summer and winter

If you want to decrease your electricity bill try to use less electricity in such hours as much as possible. Here is the list of summer and winter peak hours.

In summer from April to October      6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

In winter from November to March   6 pm to 10 pm

Taxes include in MEPCO bill

Some taxes are included in MEPCO bill and we have to pay them every month.

Fuel price adjustment(FPA)

FPA stands for (Fuel Price Adjustment) and it is a surcharge that is added to our electricity bill every month to reflect the changing cost of fuel used to generate electricity. This surcharge is also called the fuel cost recovery fee.

Tariff rationalization surcharge(TR)

TR stands for the (Tariff rationalization surcharge) which includes our MEPCO bill. This adjustment tariff difference is added in both NEPRA and GOP.

Financing cost(FC)

The FC stand for the financing cost surcharge this is included in our monthly electricity bill if we have a renewable energy system. This is a little bit percentage of overall cost of the system. If you’re getting more FC(financing cost) tax on your electricity bill contact your electricity provider’s office.

Deferred amount 

The deferred amount always appears with a separate line in your bill. Paying this amount is up to you. It allows you to pay the same or the next month without extra charges.

Quarterly tariff adjustment 

A quarterly tariff adjustment amount is added to our bill after every 3 months.


What is MEPCO doing to prevent supply failures because of kites flying using steel wire?

The issue is being addressed by protecting the grid station using guard nets or wires at a technological level. On the level of legal and administrative, patrols are being established to arrest those accused and turn the suspects over to police so that they can be filed against them. But public support is required to stop this practice. MAPCO solicits support from the public by organizing workshops, walks, and appeals through printed and electronic media.

How do you resolve the issue of low voltages in the area?

Get in touch with the SDO / XEN / SE within your area. They will address the issue at the local level. If needed, contact MEPCO Headquarters for additional work.

How can hazardous wires or poles be removed from the entrance or alleyway?

The poles/wires were installed before constructing the road or the house. Record the installation details and send them to your Executive Engineer Operations of your zone. They will come up with estimates of the costs of removing the wires or poles. The customer pays the changeover.

If materials are taken from the lines, why does it take a long time for MEPCO to restore the power supply?

The theft of items off of MEPCO line is considered a criminal act, and, in addition to departmental investigations, an FIR should be registered to allow police investigation. Who is accountable for protecting their property according to the regulations or laws? The cost, however, will be payable in installments to the general public but paid in one installment in the case of a single customer.

What is Detection Bill?

The bill of detection is used for:
Illegal abstracting of power or consumption of energy
Straight edge
Due to slowness, etc.

Where do I find installments on my bill?

The installment bill isn’t in any way binding on the current bill. But, unpaid electricity charges can be paid in installments. When electricity dues are permitted to be paid in installments, interest will be charged according to the bank’s current rate.

I’ve received an amount on my bill, but any obligations do not bind me. What should I do?

If the arrears are put in error, It is possible to correct the mistake, and if you’ve got this invoice, you may provide the receipt in the subdivision’s customer service center or branch of the bank.