Check IESCO Online Bill – Download and Print Duplicate Bill

It’s effortless and straightforward to access the IESCO bill online. All you require is an IESCO reference number. The reference number has been displayed on the bill sample provided below. Enter your reference number into the box to view what you owe on your IESCO electronic bill. It’s an easy way to determine your monthly bill.

There is no need to wait around for your bill distribution company. If you don’t receive your bill on time, don’t stress because will assist you in having your IESCO bill at the appropriate time.

How to check the IESCO bill online 2023

Many people ask how we check our bills online at home. Following these, you can check bill online everywhere in the world.

  • Go to google search IESCO check bill now.
  • Many results appear in SERP.
  • Choose the first website.
  • Go check the bill section and enter the 14-digit reference number.
  • Your bill appears in a few seconds and you can also download it.


Click on the check bill and download the duplicate bill. You can pay it via the internet or print it out and then pay it at Post Office, Bank.

IESCO bill  taxes

These taxes are included on each bill.


The FPA is the first tax of your bill that you see. Many people ask about the FPA tax. The FPA is the fuel adjustment price that generators use. This tax increases when fuel prices increase. The FPA tax depends on the price of fuel.

TR surcharges 

TR stands for tariff rationalization surcharges. This tax depends on the NEPRA tariff gap and GOP tariff gap.


Fc is financing cost. The private limited company pays 43 paisa per unit in this tax.

QTR Tariff

This tax will be included after every 4 in your bill.

IESCO bill  taxes

What About IESCO(Islamabad Electric Supply Company)?

IECSO stands for the islamabad electricity supply company. It provides electricity to all areas nearby Islamabad. IESCO was founded in 1998 to handle the resources, duties, and responsibilities that belong to the Islamabad District Electricity Authority, which was part of WAPDA at the time.


The main purpose or function of IESCO primary function is to provide electric power, distribute and sell between Attok through Jhelum in The Indus River down to the Nilum River in Kashmir. It provides 3.2 million customers in direct contact, yet it affects the lives of over 25 million people across six regions.

IESCO Strategic Vision

IESCO’s Strategic Vision is to offer the highest service to its consumers. To achieve this, IESCO has created an aircraft that meets the demands of its clients. IESCO plan designed to assist its customers is its priority. IESCO provides uninterrupted electricity. Its goal is to create an environment that is suitable for everyone.

You can also check Fesco Bill here.

IESCO is committed to its employees and creates an insurance plan for life that is universal to help employees’ families. IESCO is determined to develop and foster an environment that is sustainable and ethical and continuously improves its business practices in the perspective of its environmental image.


It is possible to pay for your IESCO online by using any of these methods

  • All Pakistani Banks through their Digital Online App
  • Online Jazz Cash Account
  • EasyPaisa Account

IESCO bill online circles

There are 5 main circles in IESCO.

1-Chakwal circles

  • Division of chakwal
  • Division of Talagang
  • Division of Dhundial
  • Division of Pind Dadan Khan

2-Jhelum circles 

  • Division 1 Jhelum
  • Division 2 Jhelum
  • Division Gujar khan

3-Attock circles

  • Taxila division
  • Pindigheb division 
  • Attock division 

4-Rawalpindi circles

  • Rawat division 
  • City division 
  • Cantt division 
  • Satellite town division 
  • Westridge division 
  • Tariqaabad division 

5-Islamabad division 

  • Islamabad division 1
  • Islamabad division 2
  • Barakahu division 


Can we check our bill using mobile number?

Ans: No, you can check your bill only using the reference number.

What is the process of name changing on the bill?

Ans: For a name change, you have to submit an application near the IESCO WAPDA office.

Is it possible to calculate the bill online?

Ans: Yes you can calculate online. Just go to google and search online bill calculator.

How do the correction of bills?

Ans: if the amount of your bill is wrong then a complaint online or go near the WAPDA office and submit an application for bill correction.

How to get the previous month’s bill?

Ans: Don’t worry if you do not receive the bill for the previous month. The previous bill amount will be automatically added to your new bill.