Taxes in Pesco Wapda Bill

In this article, we are going to discuss about the taxes that are applied in Pesco Wapda Bill. You can also check pesco bills online from this website. Here’s the list of the most common taxes typically found in the electric bills of Pesco.

FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment)

FPA means the term “Fuel Price Adjustment. The FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment) price in the pesco bill is rental power firms that produce electricity using Crude Oil. FPA for the October 2021 month has applied at Rs.4.746 per unit. All taxes are also impose on this rate. This amount will be visible on your bill if there is a change in fuel prices as per the table below.

TRS Surcharge

T.R. means Tariff Rationalization surcharge. The tax applies to industrial consumers. It is a kind of subsidy. It is sometimes credited to the consumer, while at other times, it is debit to the consumer according to the rules set by NEPRA.

T.R. is for Tariff Rationalization Charge, and it represents NEPRA in addition to the GOP tariff differential. If the difference is positive, it will be refund to GOP by way of “Subsidy.” If there are negative differences, The Distribution Company will pay GOP the amount of “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge ( IDTR SUR ).”

F.C Surcharge

To ensure that the debt is maintained or collect income from the consumers. F.C. means Financing Cost. The government officials have decided to charge 0.43 for each unit of F.C. Surcharge to secure the payment of debts servicing for Power Holding Private Limited. Power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Amount

The deferred amount is a disputed amount that disagrees with the dispute. It could be a court case or any other disputed matter between the authority and the consumer. The money remains in the deferred box till the issue is resolved. It is also known as the set-aside amount.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

This is the quarterly tariff adjustment amount. This amount will appear in your account after every three months. The tax applies to household consumers if they reach 300 units, and this tax is applicable when it applies to one team in the commercial consumers.

Taxes are applicable on Electricity Bill and Its Calculation. Now you can quickly determine the tax rate applied to your bill. Here is a list of taxes that are include in the electricity bill.

E.D (Electricity Duty)

Electricity Duty = 1.5 percent of the units consumed during the month of billing.

T.V Fee

T.V. charges Rs 35 for a one T.V. If you have more than one, it is multiply by the number of T.V.s you own. Commercial customers will pay a T.V. cost is Rs.60

G.S (General Sale Tax)

General Sale Tax (GST) @ 17% . The tax can be calculated through the addition of E.D. as well as Variable Costs.

Sales Tax

The sales tax only applies to commercial consumer


(1 percent from units consumed)


(Cost of electricity+N.J+FC Sur)x0.1

Income Tax

Income tax is a requirement for all commercial consumers, as and as of today for the domestic consumer who consumes more than 1000 units during a month of billing.

EXTRA TAX: Exempted


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