PESCO Online Bill – Check and Download Duplicate Bill

Check PESCO bill online here. Check Bill Now is a free website where you can detect your pesco bill without any difficulty. Here you can check your recent due date and bill amount. You can also download or print a copy of the bill for payment. Are you worried about not getting your wapda bill? Just enter your 14 digit reference number and check your pesco electricity bill within seconds.

Pesco is the abbreviation of Peshawar Electric Supply Company. The Peshawar District Electricity Council was transformed into a similar legal entity called the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO) for trading purposes and successive privatization.

PESCO is a Government Company established in 1998 under Companies Ordinance 1984 and is liable for the distribution of Electric Power within its provincial administration.  

Pesco company headquarter is situated in Peshawar. It supplies electricity in different areas related to Peshawar. It is the responsibility of this company to supply and manage electricity in their respective areas.

Pesco provides power distribution services to more than 2.6 million clients of all local sectors of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan. PESCO is supporting Khyber Pukhtunkhwa’s power distribution via 132, 66, 33 kV sub-transmission lines, sub-stations, and 11 kV & 440 V low voltage lines that transfer electricity to the citizens and businesses.

Pesco Bill Checking Requirements

To check Pesco online bill, you must have the reference number. We cannot check the Pesco bill by CNIC or NIC (National Identity Card). We can also not check Wapda Pesco’s bill by name.

If you want to get a Pesco bill by CNIC number or meter number, you will have to visit the nearest customer services center where the associated staff can help you to pay the bill. You can easily view your full bill on our website and download the Wapda Pesco bill free.

How to check PESCO Bill?

Do you receive your bill? If not, then you don’t need to worry. This is a free website where you can immediately check your bill now. You can see the bill amount and due date here, and then view the meter reading date, bill issue date, and the amount which you will pay after the due date.

Here are the steps to check Pesco bill online

  • Find out your previous bill.
  • Find the reference number from that bill.
  • Visit the website pescco bill.
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number in the box given below.
  • Now, you will see the latest bill amount as well as due date.
  • Just click ‘View Full Bill’ to see the entire bill and get a copy of bill.
  • Our website allow you to get bill on desktop or mobile.

To check the online Pesco bills, you need 14 digit reference numbers that may be found in any old copy. If you have not seen the reference number, you can check as shown in pesco duplicate bill.

Bill Information

If you have not received your bill, you have no need to be concerned. It is possible to see the bill amount and due date on online pesco bill. You can also view the full bill where you can identify the meter reading date, bill issue date, and the amount to pay after the due date.

You can also pay the bill amount easily and quickly to avoid the late payment penalty. If you want to know whether your bill is paid or not, you can only review this position for the last month’s bills. 

It is possible to check this by opening the entire bill and then clicking on the bill payment history which shows the record of the last 12 months and watching the paid amounts.

First of all, select the connection type whether the connection is domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, tube well,  general services, temporary, corporate company, residential colonies, or street light connection.

Secondly, enter NTN and STRN.

Then, select the company and division.

After selecting your division, select the status either you are landowner or renter.

Then enter your credentials like your CNIC, your name, your father name, current address and contact person information.

Afterwards, you have to enter the premises details and neighbor information.

In the last, attach some important documents like attested CNIC copy of applicant, attested CNIC copy of witness, property document copy, neighbor electricity bill copy and then press on the submit button.

Pesco New Connection

Pesco offers a service that permits the customers to apply for a new connection at the new place. Instead of wasting a lot of time and visiting again and again in the electricity offices, you can submit the online form on enc. Following details are required for Pesco’s new connection.

A message shows on the screen stating that the application was successfully submitted.

Pesco circles with contact numbers

Pesco consists of eight circles which are further divided into divisions and sub-division covering the 1,204,621 Hectares area. The following circles are as follows:

Pesco CirclesContact Number
MARDAN CIRCLE0937-9230288
KHYBER CIRCLE091-9217576
HAZARA-1 CIRCLE0992-9310089
HAZARA-2 CIRCLE0997-920018
SWABI CIRCLE0938-221209
SWAT CIRCLE0946-9240367
BANNU CIRCLE0928-613173


Can I review a Pesco online bill via mobile phone or CNIC?

No, you cannot check Pesco online bill via mobile phone or CNIC. It can only be checked by reference number.

Is a reference number is necessary for Pesco online bill checking?

Yes, It is the only requirement of Pesco online bill checking.

Can I review the old Pesco electricity bill through their website?

Yes, you can review the old Pesco electricity bill through their website.

What if I have not received my bill?

If you are not receiving your bill in time, please contact your nearby Pesco office.

How do I check my Pesco bill?

Following are the steps to check Pesco electricity bill
Visit pesco online.
Enter the 14 digit reference number.
Now, you see the latest bill amount with the due date.
Click on “View full bill” and download a copy of a bill.

What type of connection do you choose?

You can choose domestic, industrial, agricultural, commercial, tube well, general services, temporary, residential colonies, and street light connections.